Prepare For ICE Agents With These Pointers

Posted on: 5 May 2021

Stress and fear about ICE agents can affect daily life for you and various loved ones. You might not know when you'll come into contact with immigration agents who will ask about your legal status in this country; however, you can prepare for those interactions with these tips.

View the Warrant

If you're at home or work and an ICE agent wants to speak to you, you may immediately panic. However, you need to control your nerves and ask whether the agent has a signed warrant. Without one, no one needs to open the door or allow the agents inside. Many people are intimidated by the sound and appearance of agents who have arrived by surprise, but you should find out if they have the documentation needed to pursue someone. If not, they can legally go no further with you.

Be Honest

Anything you admit to an ICE agent will be included in reports and presented to immigration court. If you're asked personal details, avoid skating around the truth and outright lies. You might think you're helping yourself in the moment, but you could appear untrustworthy and dishonest to the immigration judge who will decide your fate. Stay as quiet as you can, but if you do speak, be truthful.

Look Out for Others

ICE agents might be looking for you specifically or someone who lives with you. However, there might be uninvolved people around, particularly children, who are scared. Notify ICE agents of any small kids, seniors, those with mental illnesses, and anyone with hearing or sight difficulties. That way, agents may be inclined to be calmer. Do your best to comply with requests and to keep things nonconfrontational. This can help "lower the temperature" for everyone in your home or wherever you are.

Get a Removal Defense Lawyer Before Problems Arise

If you suspect you or a loved one will be apprehended by immigration agents, don't wait to have a legal expert on your side. Long before any run-ins with ICE agents occur, you should have the name, number, and business card of an experienced removal defense lawyer. Removal defense lawyers can explore ways to help you or family avoid deportation. They can appear at your side in immigration court proceedings. They could even find a way for you or relatives to gain permanent residency. Start meeting with lawyers now so that if you're ever approached by ICE agents, you've got legal support. Contact a law firm like the American Dream Law Office to learn more.